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What is the Earthworm scientific name
Answer: Improve. The earthworms scientific name is lumbricus terrestris. The genus should be capitalized--Lumbricus terrestris. First answer by ID3463053625.

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What is the earthworms scientific name
The scientific name for the earthworm is Lumbricus terrestris.Lumbricus terrestris commonly found in the soil are the red colored dew worms we fish with.

Earthworm - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Earthworm is the common name for the largest members of Oligochaeta (which is . Earthworms are also called megadriles (or big worms), as opposed to the .

Lumbricus terrestris - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In the rest of the world, most references are just to the scientific name, though with . zone, and is frequently seen on the surface, unlike most other earthworms.

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Invasive Earthworms Denude Forests in U.S. ... - Scientific American
Mar 10, 2009 . Cover Image: March 2009 Scientific American Magazine . The residents, it seems, have introduced certain earthworms into their gardens, she .

BBC Nature - Earthworms videos, news and facts
Earthworms are the world's unsung heros. . Because earthworms breathe through their skin, they have to come to the surface . Scientific name: Lumbricidae .

Earthworms and Reproduction
Earthworms are in the family Lumbricidae of the segmented worm phylum, Annelida. The scientific name for one common species is Lumbricus terrestris.

Earthworms A Scientific Study | Complete Guide for Earthworms
Earthworms A Scientific Study | Complete Guide for Earthworms . As this name implies, the body of an earth worm seems to be made up of several rings which .

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Worm Digest - Rearing Earthworms
Dec 4, 2005 . Earthworms. Common Name. Scientific Name. Nightcrawler. Lumbricus terrestris. Garden Worms. Helodrilus caliginosus. Manure Worms .

Earthworm Classification (Taxonomy)
Following is the classification of common earthworm (scientific name Lumbricus terrestris). Kingdom: Animalia Earthworms are eukaryotic, multicellular .

Oligochaeta (earthworms) - Soil Bugs - An illustrated guide to New ...
Jan 12, 2011 . Native New Zealand earthworm. Common name: earthworms. Scientific name: phylum Annelida, class Oligochaeta. From Greek "oligos", few, .

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Scientific Latin Names for Worms...
Why do scientists use Latin terms to name plants and Animals? . In English " lumbricus" means "worm" and "terrestris" means "earth" or "belonging to the earth .

Red Worms
Often mistaken for earthworms, redworms like in the top 10 inches of the topsoil. . Angleworm is also a common name for the larger earthworm species such as .

The body plan of an earth worm is basically a segmented tube. Each segment is a . The scientific name for night crawlers derives as follows: Lumbricus: A Latin .

Pacific Horticulture — Garden Allies: Earthworms
To educate and inspire gardeners in the art and science of horticulture on . Darwin studied earthworms for almost forty years, from shortly after he quit . Red marsh or leaf worm (Lumbricus rubellus), also sometimes called red wiggler (a term .

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Answers to Worm, Vermicompost, & Bin Questions
No, local earthworms burrow deep down into the ground and eat different materials. . The confusion comes from a change to the worms scientific name. It used .

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Aquatic Worms | Biological Indicators of Watershed Health | US EPA
Description: resemble earth worms, but more slender; segmented; color is reddish, brown, or grey; reach lengths of up to 3 inches.

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Garden worms
The large worm in the picture above is an Alabama Jumper. It's scientific name is Amynthas gracilus. It is plain to see that this worm is NOT a Red Worm. It's color .

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Two Discoveries Add To Giant Earthworm Science In Northwest
May 4, 2008 . Native, possibly giant, earthworm science in the Pacific Northwest is . Despite the name, the specimens of the giant earthworms found in .

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Earthworm - Animal Facts & Photos
SCIENTIFIC NAME: Eisenia foetida . Earthworms are scientifically classified as animals belonging to the order Oligochaeta, class Chaetopoda, phylum .

Introduction to Earthworm Science
Investigation #2: Earthworms in Action: Students are required to design their own . Nutrient is the term generally used to describe the chemical elements that .

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Raising Earth Worms
Moisture Earthworms breathe through their skin and thus need to stay moist at all times. . The scientific name of theirs is I think :Eudrillus Eugeniae. Which is .

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Eisenia fetida - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
These worms thrive in rotting vegetation, compost, and manure; they are epigean . . an eisenia fetida exudes a pungent liquid, thus the specific name foetida .

Composting with Worms - Edible Landscaping with Charlie Nardozzi ...
The process of composting with earthworms has a scientific name: vermicomposting. You can use the rich worm castings in the garden, or in container potting .

Earthworms - AWGA - Ausworm - Australian Worm Growers ...
Earthworms have been classified by a variety of schemes, the most useful being those based on . The species name always commences with a small letter.

Scientific name for trout worms - Newt and Salamander ...
Anyone know the scientific name for trout worm? I suspect trout worms are aka red wigglers. I would like to get the name so I can buy a lb or so .

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Aug 7, 2002 . Segmented worms: bristleworms, ragworms, earthworms, leeches and their allies . Rouse and Fauchald, 1995), and are now known by the original name, Siboglinidae (see Rouse . Scientific Name, Myrianida pachycera .

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Worm | Define Worm at
Worm definition at, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, . kinds, as earthworms, tapeworms, insect larvae, and adult forms of some insects. . LEARN MORE UNUSUAL WORDS WITH WORD DYNAMO. . It may not rank as one of the great scientific mysteries of all time, but the riddle of worm grunting .

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Worm Wise II
This booklet is designed to help you easily recognise the earthworms that you are . worm", otherwise known by its scientific name, Aporrectodea trapezoides.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Worm Composting
Outside, composting happens with and without the help of earthworms. . This yellow liquid may smell like garlic, hence the scientific name Eisenia foetida.

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Home Composting with Earthworms
put worms you find outdoors into your worm bin. Worms most suitable for vermicomposting are called “red wigglers” (scientific name: Eisenia fetida). Start with .

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Oligochaeta - ADW: : INFORMATION
This scientific name is not yet recognized in our classification database. Information. By Phil Myers. The oligochaetes include earthworms and a group of related, .

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Earthworms | Eat The Weeds and other things, too
Feb 4, 2012 . Earthworms, an important part of the native diet . The common earthworm's scientific name is Lumbrius terrestris. (LEM-brick-es ter-REST-triss .

Earthworms Education Programs, Science - Physical - Life - Earth ...
ABOUT THE PROGRAMS. Earthworms Plus programs can be used to support classroom teaching in science, math, social studies, language arts and visual arts .

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Assignment Earth: Worm grunting | MNN - Mother Nature Network
Video: Why are these earthworms running for their lives? . Narrator: Exploitive mimicry may be the scientific term, but exploitive is hardly a word that describes .

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Teacher's Questions for Invasive Earthworms Feature | Science ...
Teacher's Questions for Invasive Earthworms Feature. SCIENCE. Before reading: What is an invasive species? Can you name a few invasive species in America .

Red wiggler worm farm Eisenia fetida compost worm
Jan 30, 2010 . Well first off scientist have never discovered a hybridized worm, so any . Many worm farmers and sellers will use a proprietary name, such as . Another key point here is that most composting worms are not “earthworms.

WORM - definition of WORM by the Free Online Dictionary ...
Computer Science A malicious program that replicates itself until it fills all of the . (Life Sciences & Allied Applications / Zoology) a nontechnical name for lytta . A Closer Look Earthworms are one of many types of worms, including those of the .

North Cascades Glacier Ice Worm research
Their scientific name is Mesenchytraeus solifugus (Emery, 1898). . of Enchytraeidae, just like earthworms, so are members of Annelida, or segmented worms.

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The Scientific Method
If you would rather not use these scientific terms with your students, you can decide . Your students may suggest keeping a group of earthworms in a room with .

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