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National Constitution Center: Lesson Plans
To Sign or Not to Sign: The Ultimate Constitution Day Lesson Plan . National Constitution Center designed to introduce controversial constitutional issues and .

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Constitutional Issues - Separation of Powers
More Lesson Plan Resources . Constitutional Issues: Separation of Powers . of the framers of the Constitution that the way to safeguard against tyranny is to .

Constitutional Issues: Watergate and the Constitution
More Lesson Plan Resources . Teaching With Documents: Constitutional Issues - . Nearly every action taken with regard to the case had some constitutional .

. on each page. US Constitution Web Sites; Lesson Plans, Teacher Guides, Activities, and more . Lesson Plan - Constitutional Issues: Separation of Powers .

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Causes of Incarceration Lesson Plan: Civil Liberties During War
Topic: Constitutional Issues. For more . “Constitutional Issues” and the lesson Civil Liberties during War. For the CBA . Suggested Two-Day Lesson Plan .

Key Constitutional Issues of the Abortion Debate - PBS
Lesson Plan. Key Constitutional Issues of the Abortion Debate. Lesson Objective: Students will: Understand the balance of power that is at the heart of our .

The US Constitution Lesson Plans History Government Lessons ...
United States Constitution lesson plans, james madison, federalist papers, bill of . on important constitutional issues, encyclopedia articles on the Constitution, .

Resources for Teaching the Constitution -
Do Americans have the constitutional right to threaten or enact violence against their government .

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Constitution Day Lesson Plan - Constitutional Rights Foundation
Arizona's SB1070 and State Policing of Immigration Explore a constitutional issue in the making with this lesson plan on the Arizona immigration-control .

CQ Press In Context : Constitution Day
Aug 4, 2006 . Current Issues. Celebrating Constitution Day Constitution Day lesson plan » View - Constitution Day Lesson Plan on Fourth Amendment .

James Madison: From Father of the Constitution to President ...
Lesson Plans: Grades 9-12. Curriculum Unit . What were the constitutional issues that arose during his presidency? What positions did Madison take on each of .

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This is a lesson to teach during the week before or after . Length of Lesson: 1-2 class periods. Supplies . on constitutional issues, has long tried to develop an .

The Constitution: Counter Revolution or National Salvation ...
Back to Lesson Plans . Issues. Issue 1: Legality of the Constitution; Issue 2: Regulation of Interstate and International Commerce; Issue 3: National Debt and .

The Ratification of the Constitution -- Lesson Plan for Federalist 10
Home > Lesson Plans > Federalist 10: Democratic Republican Government vs. . Analyze present day issues and determine if they qualify as a faction as .

Lesson Plans | Kansas Council for the Social Studies
Constitutional Issues Take high school students through a variety of US Constitutional issues (including student rights) using this lesson plan designed for .

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Congress: Teaching It > Resources > Lesson Plans on ...
Lesson Plan: A Mock Constitutional Convention . three issues that may facilitate the need for a new Constitution at this point in history because they were either .

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Constitution and the Bill of Rights Lesson Plans
FREEDOM PROJECT LESSON PLANS: THE CONSTITUTION AND BILL OF . a close look at the issues which confronted delegates in Philadelphia in 1787.

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Constitutional Convention: A Decision-Making Activity
Constitutional Convention of 1787 and some of the issues faced by the delegates . . lesson. Large States/States that Favored the Virginia or Large State Plan .

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Web Resources for Constitution Day
the Constitution, focusing generally on how the framers dealt with the issue of . This site provides lesson plans on the Constitution (including a readers theater .

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Constitutional Issues and Environmental Justice
6/06. 3. CONSTITUTIONAL ISSUES: Curricular Resources. IEHMSP curricula provide a variety of lesson plans that bring up issues of individual rights and the .

Classroom-Ready Lesson Plans - National Constitution Center
Each month this page will feature a new lesson plan highlighting recent Constitutional issues as well as historical events. Featured Lesson Plan Abraham .

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Bill of Rights Institute: Free Lesson Plans
Subscribe to the Constitution Courier, our free lesson newsletter! . Each month, students will analyze how the Constitution applies to a specific issue and can be .

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Lesson Plan —The Internet and Constitutional Rights
become addicted to using the Internet. Lesson Plan. Introduction (LSI Quadrant I): 1. Ask students what are the constitutional issues involved in the use of .

Center for the Teaching of American History Lesson Plan -- Peer ...
The following are some document based activities/lessons highlighted from a much larger unit on Government, Citizenship, and the Constitution. Key Standards/ .

BORDC: Resources for K-12 Teachers and Students
Nov 15, 2011 . Constitutional Rights Foundation lesson plans · Bill of Rights . students and teachers with news articles on current issues related to the five .

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Constitutional Issues - Separation of Powers
Teaching With Documents Lesson Plan: Constitutional Issues: The Separation of Powers. Teaching Activities. Standards Correlations. This lesson correlates to .

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Constitution Day Resources
Each month this page will feature a new lesson plan highlighting recent Constitutional issues as well as historical events such as the Constitutional Convention.

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Constitutional Convention
Aug 14, 2002 . UEN » Lesson Plan » Constitutional Convention, Share . It is important that the students understand the problems the country faced under the .

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Facing unresolved constitutional issue, judge sides with free speech ...
Apr 29, 2011. Amendment Center; 1 for All; Classroom Lesson Plans; Moot Court . Facing unresolved constitutional issue, judge sides with free speech .

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17. Lesson Plan II -- Pervasiveness of the Law .............................................................. ............................... ..18. Lesson Plan III — Constitutional Issues Presentation .

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Education World: You're Sure to Ratify These Lessons!
Sep 1, 2005 . The Ratification of the Constitution Uncover the issues involved in the . The NEH's "EdSiteMent" lesson plan database includes these .

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Teachers' Guide - The Last Abortion Clinic | Teacher Center ...
Featured Lesson Plan: Key Constitutional Issues of the Abortion Debate Students will become familiar with: How a strict or loose interpretation of the Constitution .

U.S. Constitution Day: The People v. Goldie Locks Lesson Plans
Go over any notes produced and briefly discuss the constitutional issues listed . Reprintable Constitution Day Lesson Plans are available for download at .

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Web Resources for Constitution Day
the Constitution, focusing generally on how the framers dealt with the issue of . This site provides lesson plans on the Constitution (including a readers theater .

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Free Lessons Index - Constitutional Rights Foundation
Constitutional Rights Foundation's publications and materials provide . Service Learning (PDF) Lessons on community, problems, and action planning.

U.S. Constitution - FREE Teaching and Learning Resources
In Congress Assembled: Continuity and Change in the Governing of the United States provides lesson plans on the Constitution, Bill of Rights, issues that .

Constitutional Issues
Constitutional Issues Curriculum vNPS20090105-1. 2. Table of . government photos, art and writing by detainees, and lesson plans from the Bancroft Library, .

We The People, Constitution Day
Use these sources to read the Constitution, learn about its history, and find out . Congress, contains lesson plans, facts, essays about constitutional issues, and .

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K-12 Social Studies
. Tacoma | Civics CBAs Resources | Classroom Methods/strategies | Constitution Lesson Plans | Current News | Current World Issues | Economics | Geography .

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