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The tel URI for Telephone Numbers
Please refer to the current edition of the "Internet Official Protocol Standards" ( STD 1) . Usage of Telephone URIs in HTML Links using the "tel" URI SHOULD . The tel URI December 2004 instead of Dial <a href="tel:+1-212-555-0101">this .

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How to create click-to-call links for mobile browsers | Breaking the ...
Nov 18, 2010 . <a href="tel:+1800229933">Call us free! . Some Japanese phones also allow you to specify that a link should initiate a video call, using the protocol tel-av:. . Tags: android, blackberry, html, ios, ipad, link, nokia, samples, .

URI scheme - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
URI schemes are frequently erroneously referred to as "protocols", or specifically as URI protocols . Should be used as a subset to the tel: schema. . For web pages use this HTML: <a href="chat?">Click to chat!

Mobile Web Quick Tip: Phone Number Links
Sep 9, 2011 . This quick tip demonstrates how to create phone number links with HTML. . link based on the HTTP/S protocol or the file system, you can use the “tel:” protocol. . Linking a custom image --> <a href="tel://555-5555"><img .

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Lync 2010 HTML URL Protocols for HREF tags « The Lync
Nov 23, 2011 . Lync 2010 HTML URL Protocols for HREF tags. As a follow up to my . tel, Enabled, URL:Tel Protocol, Microsoft Lync 2010. meet, Enabled .

HTML <a href> for Hypertext Links - HTML 5
Mar 14, 2012 . is a great guide for web developers. . The <a href> Tag in HTML 5 . If the protocol scheme, username, host name/IP address and port number are . <a href="tel:+18775543210">Call our feedback line at .

Orbeon Forms (ops-users) - tel-Protocol in URLs for mobile phones
Oct 28, 2011 . <xhtml:a href="tel://{translate(., '-/() ', '')}"> If I add the parenthesis, at least the URL shows in the HTML as follows: <instance>+49(89)999999 .

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Appeler un numéro d'une page html depuis son mobile. –
29 mars 2009 . Le TLD .tel vient d'être libéré et donc tout le monde peut, dès à présent, . Disponible au téléchargement sur Viméo: Demo of the TEL URI protocol #2: dot. tel page . href="callto:+12125551234">+12125551234</a>. Ce code .

RFC 2806 - RFC Editor
Please refer to the current edition of the "Internet Official Protocol Standards" ( STD . The "tel" scheme describes a connection to a terminal that handles normal . on a public HTML page, the telephone number in the URL SHOULD always be . Telephone: <a href="tel:+3585551234567">(0555) 1234567</a> or even For .

Bug 80 – Can't handle tel: protocol in HTML
Mar 25, 2010 . Bug 80 - Can't handle tel: protocol in HTML (edit) . protocol, e.g. <a href="tel:+1- 212-555-0101">+1-212-555-0101</a> (2)Click the tel links, .

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How to Initiate a Phone Call from Your Mobile Website - O'Reilly ...
Oct 11, 2010 . <a href="tel:+1800229933;postd=4">Call us free! . to specify that a link should initiate a video call, using the protocol tel-av:<phone number> .

Mark Finkle's Weblog » Firefox 3 – Web Protocol Handlers
April 29, 2008 at 9:43 am · Filed under HTML, Javascript, Mozilla . <a href="">Web Master</a> . Any protocol, real or imaginary, can be used – mailto: is only one example, webcal: , tel: and fax: are others.

Enough Software: gui-item-htmlbrowser
Protocol handlers are responsible for handling the href attributes of <a> anchors, e.g. <a . Now you can use the external and tel protocols in your HTML markup: .

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Web page to telephone calls / links using an iPhone
<a href="tel:+44-1225-708225">01225 708225</a> . The tel: protocol isn't supported by all browsers, though, and if you want to avoid offering links that do strange things . Sending out an email containing HTML from within a PHP page .

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iphone - Return to app behavior after phone call different in native ...
Mar 15, 2011. to make phone call from my app, I need to implement the following protocols: HTML link: <a href="tel:1-408-555-5555">1-408-555-5555</a> .

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Getting the Tel tag working in Firefox
Getting the Firefox browser to accept the 'tel' tag to place telephone calls from a . The "mailto" tag is standard HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language), and . The Tel tag looks alot like a Mailto tag, <a href="tel:+1 311 555-2368">Call Me</a>. . This VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) application is the "Gold Standard" for .

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jQuery Mobile Tutorial: Creating a Restaurant Picker Web App
Mar 8, 2012 . First let's take a look at what the header of our first HTML page will look like : . The other interesting part is the href=tel:0388161072 protocol.

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Making Phone Calls and Sending SMS with HTML
Jan 19, 2010 . That this can all be done by creating a specially-formatted HTML link on a . <a href="">Click here</a> . Triggering a phone call using HTML is simply a case of creating a link, but specifying a protocol other than HTTP. . Some, such as the Sony Ericsson T610 use the string "tel:", while .

How to Insert Skype HTML for Phone Numbers on a Website | eHow ...
Type the HTML code "<a href="callto://+[COUNTRY CODE][AREA . Global Tel* Link provides service to payphone systems in a variety of correctional facilities throughout the United States. Family . Skype's VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol ).

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tel link does not work on iOS with ST 2.x! [Archive] - Sencha Forum
Nov 3, 2011 . If I have a simple HTML page with a "tel" link in it, it works from iPhone 5.0 Safari. . <html> <body> <a href="tel:8005551212">Call</a> </body> </html> . /forum/ showthread.php?152112-Simple-Protocol-Hyperlink-Not-Firing .

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jQuery Sniplet to make a website phone number dial on mobile ...
May 12, 2011 . <a href="tel:555555555">555-555-5555</a> to your . Alert – Browser does not know how to open this address, because the protocol (tel) isn't associated with any program. . DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <script .

Add "tel:" protocol to the list of allowed in ...
Oct 4, 2010 . the tel: part of href is filtered out when run through filter_xss_admin. This is being . The tel protocol is growing in its use on mobile devices.

HTML <a href> for Hypertext Links
Examples of the <a href> tag in HTML 5. <a href="#">back to top</a> <a href="# target-within-page">link . Examples of the <a> tag with other protocol schemes. <a href="tel:+18775543210">Call our feedback line at +1-877-554-3210</a> .

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Phone number clickable link on smartphones
You can add the HTML link code shown below to your website to make a phone number on a website a . <a href="tel:1-847-555-5555">1-847-555-5555</a> . This code is considered to be the correct mobile phone protocol and will work on .

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714825 – Attachment error for signatures containg callto:skypeid, tel ...
Mar 5, 2012 . I checked out the RFC for tel: It lists these . with just the <a href="callto:skypeid"> : FAILS Variations on #1 using tel: . For now I will remove the special protocol link but assume this might have .

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My observations on iPhone development [Archive] - MacRumors Forums
Jun 30, 2007 . The protocol for calling a phone number is tel:. Example: <a . Example: <a href=" maps:20 Infinite Loop Cupertino, CA">Look me up</a> I hope developers find at . .

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How to use images instead of plain text as links for mobile safari on ...
I have tried three different link protocols, tel: mailto: and http: and describe . <a href=""><img src="images/mail.jpg" alt="" /></a> . both with plain text and images: .

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Mailto Syntax Tutorial - How to Create an Email Link - How to use ...
. Email Link - How to use Mailto Protocol, Mailto tag, and Mailto link tutorial - . <a href="mailto:your@email.address">Contact Us</a> . This option is somewhat new to html, meaning that some email programs haven't .

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Calling a number - PacktLib
It can be found at code/ch08/call.html in the code bundle provided on the . <ul> <li class="title">Contacts</li> <li><a class="noeffect" href="tel:555-666-777"> . is using a string, which represents a specific protocol followed by a number. In fact .

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Mobile WebKit Helpers - iPhone
Feb 3, 2011 . display a standard keyboard --> Telephone: <input type="tel" /> <! . Page tags: apps href html iphone launch links load open protocol url .

mailto - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Using "mailto" within a HTML document to generate a link for sending email: <a href="">Send email</a>. It is also possible to .

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Mobile 1: Introduction to the mobile web - Dev.Opera
Jun 23, 2009 . When we create traditional HTML websites, we simply upload them to our . be smoothly integrated into your website by using the little known tel: protocol. . <a href="tel:5121234567">Phone 5121234567 to book a table</a> .

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Jul 16, 2011 . <a> tel and sms protocols. <a> does more than hyperlink and email: Initiate a phone call <a href="tel:+18005555555">Order Pizza Now!</a> .

Fun On Rails: Twinkle + FF Setup (Click To Call) using telify
Oct 17, 2010 . Search for "tel" protocol and change value of tel protocol to "/usr/bin/twinkle_tel" Usage/ Pre-requisites. HTML source code of phone number should like as below 1. . call" class="telified" href="tel:disconnect">Disconnect</a> .

i-mode - technology and content
accesskey attribute <a href="..." accesskey="1">1</a>. – tel protocol <a href="tel: 5315551234">Call Me!</a>. – emojis (= pictograms, written as decimal HTML .

Creating the ultimate contact page in HTML5 iPhone and iPad Web ...
Connect an HTML Form to a Script in Dreamweaver (Dreamweaver CS3, CS4) . device with phone capabilities, just add the tel protocol to the URL like this: . <a href=" your email in your .

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Making a Phone Number clickable for iPhone Users
Jul 26, 2009 . <a href="tel:+4917640206387">+49 (0)176 - 402 063 87</a> . And you might add the protocol infront of the IP address (like . tandlaege-akut-tandbehandling.html Akut Tandlæge .

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